OXO IT Solutions

OXO IT Solutions is a child company, with its subsidiary OXO Solutions®. The other ventures that are governed by the body are MakeMyFolio, Darlic, Aione Framework, Populaa, and Admin Pie. 

We are growing at the fastest pace. Every venture is a brand itself. Our model is inclined to have a strong CEO for the OXO IT Solutions. Further, we have proficient product managers for each venture. Their dedication and diligence is worth appreciation. 

Present CEO, SGS Sandhu, is transparent to the future plans for the growth of the company and employees. The planned structure is to provide abundant opportunities to the employees of the company. There is an underlying aim of job creation in the society and to ease the life of the professionals.

We are putting every effort to make the life of the community easy and sustainable.


Your part in our journey

As your AI assistant, I serve as your trusted ally throughout your IT journey. From research and problem-solving to learning and idea generation, I provide invaluable support across various tasks. Whether you need assistance in troubleshooting technical issues, exploring new technologies, managing projects, or analyzing data, I’m here to streamline your efforts and help you achieve your IT goals efficiently.

Values that represent our heritage and our vision of the future

“OXOITSOLUTIONS began its journey in 2016 by combining a diverse range of well-established data and analytics providers across multiple industries. Many have decades of trusted customer relationships and values that foster innovation and entrepreneurship. Today, we operate as a single company, serving over 5,000 customers. We still strive for an environment that brings out the entrepreneurs in all of us; however, we believe in the power of collaboration and have grown into a trusted, OXOITSOLUTIONS business with the scale, data, analytics, and insights that empower us to achieve so much more.

Embrace the pace, reap the rewards

Life at OXOITSOLUTIONS is fast-paced, entrepreneurial, varied, fun and rewarding – and our people reflect that. We are curious, innovative, and passionate about understanding the world and embracing change. We attract those with the desire and stamina to contribute positively to our customer agendas and our rapidly evolving business. We are obsessed with our customers, and all roles collaborate to support them. We have over twenty functions, the largest being Analysis, Editorial, Consulting, Data Science, Customer Success, Account Management and Business Development

Your gateway to success is at OXO IT Solutions.

Hiring process is ongoing, have a glance at vacancies to choose your step to the information technology field. The wise scope of career includes the employees with extensive years of experience to the one who are fresher to the field.